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2019 Seminar III(2019.4.10)

2019 Seminar III


Time10 April(Wed)2:00PM-3:30PM

Venue:CCHDS meeting room on the third floor.

Topic 1:Integrating care in the UK and EU: towards population health management

Speaker:Dr Jonathan Stokes  (Dr Jonathan Stokes is a Research Fellow in Health Economics. He has a background and understanding in a range of medical science research (from basic science to health systems), with a focus on population-level health organisation. His research uses mixed methods, including rigorous econometric analysis, qualitative and conceptual analysis, to evaluate changing organisational models for delivery of care to complex groups of patients. His PhD and postdoctoral research has concentrated particularly on those with multimorbidity, and evaluation of new models of integrated care.)

Topic 2:Beyond resource allocation formulae and benefit incidence analysis: developing a framework for assessing and understanding equity in health service delivery and resource distribution                     

Speaker:Dr Laura Anselmi (Dr Laura Anselmi is a Research Fellow in Health Economics. She holds an MPhil in Economics and a PhD in Health Economics. She has worked for over ten years on equity in access and financing of public health care, applying a variety of econometric techniques to routine data from both low and high income settings. She has worked as an economist within the Ministry of Health of Mozambique and she has recently led the refreshment of the NHS England mental health funding formula. She is currently working on the on the health system effects of pay for performance schemes in African countries and she has been awarded a fellowship from the UK Medical Research Council to analyse how local health administrations determine equity in health care, with application to England.)


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